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Our specialised services include stakeholder engagement, communication, crisis planning, crisis management, facilitation, business strategy, and data analysis and reporting.


Our core business is to make it easy for people to have meaningful conversations that lead to positive community and business outcomes. Whether your business wants to inform stakeholders or empower them to make a decision, we co-design the approach with you and adapt as needs change. We facilitate sessions where people feel confident to share ideas and have a say, and we collate the information in a meaningful way.

Our engagement work includes:

  • Internal business co-design workshops
  • Engagement strategies
  • Community workshops, forums and focus groups
  • Digital surveys
  • Online digital engagement
  • Interviews

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Communication is so much more than a newsletter or social media post. It touches every part of your business. We do a deep dive to understand your business’s drivers and goals, and build a comprehensive picture of stakeholders and their needs. We then tailor a communications strategy that has impact. Of course, it’s not only what you communicate, but how. In the digital age where you have a few seconds to get noticed, we make sure you cut through with clever language and visuals.

Our communication work includes:

  • Strategic communication workshops
  • Communication strategies
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Social and digital content strategy
  • Corporate narratives, messaging and online content development
  • Creative design
  • Information architecture and digital forms
  • Video animations

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Crisis Management and Communications

No business is immune to crisis - whether it be a natural disaster, reputation issue, emergency, major health event or IT Threat. To ensure you’re not a ‘deer in the headlights’ when it comes to crisis, we get to know your business, identify gaps in operational and communication response, and devise a plan to get you crisis ready. We get to the core of what crises you should prepare for, respond to, and recover from and provide a neat step by step crisis plan and toolkit to make your business more resilient. Our targeted scenario workshops put your team to the test and give them the confidence to tackle any crisis.

Our crisis work includes:

  • Crisis planning workshops
  • Crisis plans and toolkits
  • Evaluation and reporting
  • Key messaging, media releases and social posts
  • Crisis scenario workshops
  • Media and crisis training

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When facilitating we aim to build confidence and trust in the process and allow all participants to have a voice. We know sometimes conversations can be tough, which is why we create a welcoming environment where no idea is off the table. Our workshops are tailored to the needs of participants whether they be youth, older people, culturally and linguistically diverse people or senior execs.

Our facilitation work includes:

  • Agenda and material preparation
  • Large or small group facilitation
  • Online facilitation
  • Reporting


Business strategy

Our approach to strategy is to deconstruct what’s working and what’s not in your business, understand drivers and goals, and map a simpler way to get there. Businesses come to us when they want to review a strategy’s performance, ensure the leadership team is on the same page, and update or develop a new strategy to be more in line with the business’s vision.

Our business strategy work includes:

  • Researching plans, trends, markets, and customer and client needs
  • Collaborating with executive teams to identify vision, purpose, strategic themes, programs of work, and roles and responsibilities
  • Mapping out the strategy based on the overarching themes and what’s achievable
  • Visualising the strategy to provide a snapshot

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We believe that meaningful data can drive change and improve decision making. Our approach to data is to define the need or problem with the client and build a framework to make analysis and reporting seamless. We take complex and technical information and distil it in ways that every stakeholder can understand. Our reports incorporate data visualisation to highlight the important findings.

Our data work includes:

  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis
  • Reporting
  • Data visualisation


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