Disaster Leaders Program


Government and community leaders play a critical role in disaster management

The disaster leaders program develops skilled leaders who can lead others, manage risk, make effective decisions under pressure, and communicate to effectively prepare, respond, and recover from disaster.

Resilient Communities

Disasters can strike local communities, any time. That’s why it’s critical for government and communities to grow strong leaders who can face crises head on and support the community to recover sooner. The Disaster Leaders Program helps stakeholders to:

  • Understand the disaster landscape in the region
  • Better manage risks Engage with stakeholders and work together (applying a community-led approach)
  • Plan effectively for disaster
  • Manage response Ensure a stronger recovery

It's about people

The program has been developed with people in mind. We shape leaders who can apply their knowledge, skills, and practical tools to face crisis head on and support government and community to get back on their feet.

The benefits

Our program is customised to meet government standards in disaster management and incorporate a community-led approach and provides:

  • A targeted approach to effective crisis leadership toward communication, leadership, decision-making and risk management learning objectives
  • A self-paced program that has practical tasks to help identify and focus on what is relevant
  • Scenario workshops to embed the learning in real-world scenarios
  • Training for all levels of government and community leaders to build knowledge and capabilities across sectors and support collaboration


Shaping disaster leaders

Our program focuses on developing core crisis leadership and management skills, and pairing these with practical scenario-based outputs.

We work with you to build stronger, more resilient crisis leaders who:

  • Understand and manage risks
  • Are responsive and flexible
  • Apply systems and critical thinking
  • Communicate effectively
  • Demonstrate ongoing resilience
  • Support others

This program is for:

  • Government leaders
  • Key agency leaders
  • Disaster Managers
  • Community leaders (such as volunteer response groups, non-profit organisations)
  • Anyone with a role during disaster


Systems Thinking & Complex Adaptive Leadership

Our systems thinking and complex adaptive leadership approach offers contemporary skills for leaders, providing them with significant advantages over conventional leadership approaches. Our methods equip leaders with the confidence to make more effective decisions in high-pressure, complex, and unpredictable situations.


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